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Yoga as an initiatory path source of alchemy 

Yoga, the path of Body-Soul-Spirit union, gently leads to this unique connection between Being and all that is there. 

Living yoga as a journey of exploration that promotes this encounter with oneself and what is. 

Aiming to achieve the union of body, mind and spirit, the path of yoga leads step by step towards the union of individuality with the intelligence of the heart connected to the universe. In this state of being, the elements of the organism interact in harmony with the elements of nature. Yoga brings a deep synergy to life. The one that leads to an awakening.. 

From awakening to awakening, several processes are experienced and give the opportunity to create a unique inner alchemy, specific to each being who embarks on this initiatory path.

Being in the presence of oneself can pass through the awakening to the body. This is why it is often effective to start with the reconnection to the body without omitting the observation of the mechanisms of the mind. When practiced with authenticity and integrity, yoga leads to infinite movement that is transformative on many dimensions. From this transformation is lived the elevation resulting from the acceptance of what is lived in the moment and the reception of the vulnerability inherent in the human condition. 

Journey to the heart of oneself


Over the course of diligent practice, the journey to the heart of oneself becomes obvious. This transformative exploration invites everyone to open up at their own pace to the dimensions of their Being in order to perceive their reality in perpetual motion; to put oneself in its rightful place, to grasp its deep nature in order to better offer it to the world. Create the space to receive the transformations of his actions.

Joyfully connect to the vibratory and creative current that crosses us and welcome what is (re)born. 

The body is not something that is managed according to the will, but that one brings to a state of harmony thanks to the concentration of Prana (vital energy), which occurs when one frees oneself from egotic illusions. In this state, the being does not function mechanically. By nature, he can only improvise his every move. Anchored to the Earth, it fluctuates in resonance with the vibrations of life, in a space where everything is alive. 

From opening to the right act

Yoga is an art when it leads to the right act. Here, the action is accomplished thanks to a force which is not that of the will nor of the tension. The act is done spontaneously by the arrival of the vital force in oneself. This ability to receive is the basis of all art. This manifests itself by receptivity, then by the action of coming into agreement with the energy which arrives, in agreement with what is taking birth in oneself.

From exploration to recognition 


Initially, life led me to discover Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, two disciplines from the teachings of master yogi Krishnamacharya. Guided by intuition, I agree to accompany a friend to her Iyengar Yoga class despite the symptoms of nasopharyngitis and bronchitis. This first lesson is a source of profound revelations. Over the course of the session, imperceptibly, the symptoms of the disease dissolve. Thanks to the synchronization of breathing and postures, the vital energy increases throughout the session. I find myself establishing myself with ease and fluidity in each posture and I realize towards the end of the session that these universal movements have always been present since adolescence. By granting myself a connection time every morning in order to listen to the body, I remained in certain postures such as padangusthasana, uttanasana, Urdhva prasarita eka padasana, without knowing Yoga, just by letting myself be guided by the intelligence of the body. After this first yoga session, I literally immersed myself intensely in this way by studying the founding texts and practicing several hours a day...

The paths of yoga being infinite, I will always be in a deepening path in a state of openness.

Throughout the explorations, I followed the teaching of illustrious yogi masters including Babacar Khane who transmitted to me Pharaonic Yoga and Shyamji Bhatnagar for Nāda Yoga (Yoga of sound); Shri Param Eswaran and Francesca Krim for Tantra Yoga. Throughout the journeys (exterior and interior), the guidance allowed me to go through various experiences and trials in order to confront the Ego and put it back in its right place. The moment strength reveals itself, one can perceive the beauty of its vulnerability. 

Become one with the moment 


Nothing is ever acquired. The practice of yoga offers the opportunity to understand it deeply. Thus, flexibility quickly turns into resistance if one does not completely melt into what is in the moment. For example, forced stretching creates tension if we are not in tune with the moment. Being one with the moment means above all being attentive. Listening to our limits with kindness. This process of fair balance is the deep echo of resilience. Being one with the moment (melting totally with what is, what is born...) gives life/birth to the essence, gives way to the Presence. The flexibility of the body and the flexibility of the spirit facilitate the development of our true essence, this essence whose actions are no longer guided by the mind and the ego. This rebirth can be lived through experiences whose echo is this famous "Touch of Being". 


The space of resilience 


Attention, presence gives the possibility of perceiving the duality inherent in existence. From this oscillation of polarities and complementary energies, follow the evidence, that of crossing our shadows to reach our light. From these crossings springs the subtle consciousness of the absolute paradox of being.

How to unite in oneself?

Uniting implies integrating darkness and light within oneself, reconciling this duality within us. 

This world is created on this tension between the opposites and the human being can make work of reconciliation. Invited to transmute the opposition source of separation in order to perceive the complementarity of opposing forces. In the center of the heart resides this space of reconciliation. This space where opposites touch and harmonize.

This space of resilience… which, by shedding the “i” gives birth to the “Re” then to Silence.


From the alliance of components to the essence of experiences 


This process can expand with the alliance of multiple components of Yoga. Through the practice of pranayama (expansion of energy through breathing techniques), asanas (postures), one experiences the experience of several pillars of yoga such as Dharana (concentration), Ishvara Pranidhana (letting go/l humility to accept what is - surrender to the universe; recognizing that it is futile to want to control), Dhyana (meditative state), etc. Through its approach, yoga leads to practicing Ishvara Pranidhana on the mat by consciously approaching a posture and then this skill is transposed naturally into one's daily life. Through the practice of various postures, including that of balance, we learn to find the right balance between the desire to “do well” and letting go. In addition, we have the opportunity to observe various conditionings including the demand on oneself and/or the need to prove to oneself and to others that one is capable of doing it or of being better than before; this conditioning initiated very early can increase excessively in some schools where children are judged, evaluated, graded, even humiliated.

Accepting bodily change and impermanence without calling into question one's value or faculties allows one to free oneself from inner judgment and the conditioning attached to it. Realizing the posture of the tree is an essential exercise to put down roots gently and observe where we are in the moment. 


In raja yoga and all other types of postural yoga, the focus is initially on the components of posture and breathing. We allow ourselves to feel resistances that appear thanks to the maintenance of the posture. With regularity, comes a state of being where resistance dissolves: one becomes one with the posture and one observes what is aroused in oneself while making the required adjustments source of deepening. When the being composes in consciousness with the situation as it presents itself, the energy in itself arouses right and unexpected actions.


From liberation to the path of inspiration 


Yoga is a master at exposing the inner conflict between heart and mind. Despite this duality, humans can create unity and find keys to exploration through yoga, where various polarities are reconciled, including mastery and letting go. In letting go and not waiting, the wisdom of the unknown is revealed. This wisdom frees from the shackles created in the past. It opens the door to the prison that each conditioning has built. By entering the unexpected, into the field of all possibilities, we spread our wings and dance our lives to infinity, in harmony with the symphony of the moment. Get inspired. For a moment, get rid of everything you think you know, let yourself go in the breath, simply connected to the source. 

Create space within oneself to be in deep listening to what is happening. Create space to trace the inspiration of the moment.

“Without intimate self-knowledge, it is impossible to go beyond the limits of our mind.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

One of the other essential pillars Svadhyaya (knowledge of oneself and texts) transforms the gaze. The being takes a distance and perceives with more lucidity. From this essential observation arises the questioning of limiting beliefs.

On the path to knowledge, vigilance is required. The more one knows the laws of nature, the more arrogance can hatch.

When the ego grows, it eclipses the mind. A quest for truth, seemingly genuine, can lead us away from the very source we wish to approach. The yogi tends towards humility: the more he clarifies the secrets of the unknown, the more it becomes obscured. Humility leads to wonder and innocence that inspires one to unravel the mystery of life and surrender to it.

Yoga becomes a path of awakening when the yogi is ready to thwart the temptations of the misguided intellect.

Diligent practice leads to detachment from any desire to prejudge the result of the action taken.

In this state of consciousness, action is a source of liberation. 


vibrational resonance


The cosmos, including human beings, consists of sound vibrations called nāda. This Yoga of resonance linked to the Tantric tradition, named Nāda Yoga is based on the postulate that the nature of the world is purely vibratory. This spiritual art promotes inner transformation through listening and union through sound. The depth of our interiority is naturally exteriorized by the song of the Sound-Sources and vibrates beyond being.


“Never has the first Seed of this mysterious Earth seemed more alive than there, in this India, like a first living hatching. In India, the word “seed” translates to “bran”. Like a first powerful vibration which, later, was covered with words. A sound that is the power of meaning. Like a first language before our languages. Vedic Sanskrit has kept this power of the verb  which expresses or “musicalises” the Sound of a profound Truth which springs from the bowels of the Night and tries to resonate. » Satprem

Like a sound self-massage, the Yoga of Sound helps to awaken the sleeping areas of the voice. Each sound vibrates in a particular area of the body allowing the deployment of its own space. Between each sound, a time of silence source of resonances. Vibratory singing harmonizes the energy centers of the body.​ The sound vibrations penetrate the cells and the human is in tune with his essential nature.

This millennial practice acting at the cellular, hormonal and subtle level, transforms the biochemistry of the brain, the natural harmony between the body and the mind is experienced.

The vibration of the voice is intermediate between spirit and matter, between the inner world and the outer world. To verbalize an idea is to put it into vibration, it resonates in the body, comes to life, is embodied and spreads outward. Lives the alliance source of presence: from the vibration is born the resonance, from the attention is born the connection, beyond any dogma.

From this connection flow the quality of the intention and that of the state of mind, the heart and the unified thought.

Through vibratory singing, we deepen the path of resonance. We learn to resonate the vibration of the voice in our being. This is how the connection between the pelvis, the stomach and the throat is experienced. The vibratory and energetic effects of the voice set up an interior massage. The breath resumes its place. Singing increases the amplitude and power of the breath. The voice is freeing. 

Singing is the primordial act of communication with the elements (earth, water, fire, air), the ancestors, etc. He lets the being open up to a subtle reality. For a moment, the Being travels in the harmonic spirals of vibrations. Vibratory ripples promote the link with the essence of all that vibrates. The inner gaze changes. From the path of sound, to commune with the Living, to see in depth that everything is linked.

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