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Vibratory accompaniment

This vibratory accompaniment is a source of harmonization journey.

Each session is unique because it respects your journey, your intentions and your needs.

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Energy vibrations impact your inner and outer life constantly.
Since 2012, I accompany beings through my therapeutic care, my trainings, workshops so that they can sublimate the power of their potential.

Through a set of complementary processes based on psycho-corporal therapy, everyone gives themselves the opportunity to experience the progressive opening of the heart, the release of fears & the transmutation of wounds.

This journey combines several treatment techniques (Native American massage, plantar reflexology, acupressure) and the use of vibratory sounds from several instruments such as crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls with 7 metals, the Drum, the Ngoni, the Koshis... .

Sessions take place at Espace Ekata in Saint Mandé - a few minutes walk from metro Line 1, bus or Velib.

I will also be offering online sessions starting in June.

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Sound treatment - 1 hour (including guided meditation): €75.​

Sound treatment - 2h (including massage and guided meditation): €90.​

Sound treatment for 2 people of 1h30: 100€.

WITH ONE CLICK         :HARMONIA PACKAGE for psycho-corporal therapeutic vibratory support.

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Psycho-spiritual therapy to move from fear to love.  

Therapeutic accompaniment and sound care allow you to

⫸ dissolve the “knots” of the mind,

⫸ cross your fears,

⫸ soothe suffering,

⫸ transmute wounds,

⫸ free oneself from limiting conditioning.

A single session has the capacity to considerably accelerate a process of healing or evolution. Support sometimes requires a personalized program of several sessions. 

I act in co-creation with you, listening to your needs by adjusting the number and frequency of sessions accordingly. 


I am committed to accompanying beings during various periods of life: intense changes or upheavals, transition, rebirth.​

Areas of Therapeutic Expertise:

  • Physical health and high immune system

  • Regulation and Emotional Stability

  • Progress on your path with constancy & serenity

  • Acute sensitivity to the surrounding world and ease in living it

  • Release from fears and limiting beliefs, from a toxic situation or ties

  • Relational harmony (parents/child, couples, family, friends).

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It works on the multidimensional level of your being. By using various adapted frequencies, a rebalancing of your endocrine & nervous system occurs.

Your entire body-mind system receives vibrational frequencies, activating your DNA and restoring health (mental & physical). It usually also leads to a re-alignment with one's inner Being and allows one to regain greater clarity.


Care in total agreement with a global health and well-being approach in which body and mind are intimately linked.

Stimulation of reflex points and zones aimed at rebalancing the body as a whole.


Crystal Bowls and Tibetan 7-Metal Bowls facilitate the experience of a deep state of relaxation. Their powerful sounds make it possible to untie the energetic obstacles found at all levels of your being. Each bowl emits a specific note corresponding to a different energy center. Their sounds produce a profound energetic rebalancing while harmonizing the major chakras, allowing your body's natural energy flow to flow through depth.



During and after the session, moments of silence give your system (body-mind) time to integrate the work that is taking place, allowing you to feel "unified" again. The healing and realignment process will continue after the session for a few hours or several days.

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