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The therapeutic power ofhis (seeBLOG) has been an integral part of human civilization since the dawn of time. 

The discoveries in quantum physics of the 21st century have demonstrated that the world is above all vibratory.

Everything we feel, see and touch is pure energy vibrating according to the laws of creation.

From this healing power of sound was born a discipline in the field of holistic medicine: sound therapy. 

This sound healing therapy has the particularity of acting on emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, as well as psychological health.

This therapy is called "holistic" because it considers the individual as a whole body-mind.

The vibrational sound acts on the bodies (physical, emotional, mental) of the patient to improve their health and well-being.The vibrations travel through the body, thus participating in the harmonization of the energy circulation.

The frequency of sound synchronizes with brain waves, which promotes relaxation and well-being of the body.

In addition, vibrational sound has a powerful impact on water molecules and cells in the human body.

Water is an excellent conductor of sound vibrations and the human body is made up of 75% of it.

Principles of Sound Therapy

The basic principle of sound healing is the concept of resonance (the vibrational frequency of an object.)

The entire Universe is in a state of vibration. This includes human beings. Every organ, cell, bone, tissue, and fluid in the body, as well as the electromagnetic fields that surround the body, have a vibrational frequency.

If we are not in resonance with a part of ourselves or our environment, we become dissonant, our naturally harmonious frequency becomes a frequency that vibrates out of harmony, thus creating disease. Sound is measured in terms of frequency or Hertz (Hz).

Sound healing is the application of healing frequencies to the physical and subtle energy fields around the body. These therapeutic frequencies and sounds are delivered through live sound therapy sessions, voice, overtone singing.

There are a variety of sound healing tools such as tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drum, Gong, Ngoni, didgeridoo, flutes, etc.

What is the resonance phenomenon?

An object can begin to resonate, to vibrate, when it is touched by a sound which is in agreement with it.

For example, when you strike a piano string, other strings begin to vibrate, or when the windows vibrate when a plane passes by, or when in a car, at a certain moment by increasing the speed, a object begins to vibrate and produces a sound... All these are phenomena of resonance.

What is true for the piano strings is also true for the body. The tissues, the organs, the cells, the brain begin to vibrate when they are touched by sounds whose frequency is in agreement with them.

Our brain is made up of neurons which constantly exchange information, thus creating weak electrical currents, called “brain waves” which can be measured using an encephalogram.

The rhythm of these brain waves varies according to our activity: awakening, learning, relaxation, light or deep sleep...

The different types of brain waves are measured in cycles/s and are classified and represented by letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha, beta, theta and delta.

The Beta Rhythm

This is the cycle of full awakening, when our eyes are open, we act. It corresponds to frequencies above 12Hz (in general, always < 45Hz). It is more or less important depending on the activity and the state of stress.

The Alpha Rhythm

It appears when we have our eyes closed, when we take a comfortable position, lying down for example. Brain waves slow down and our brain operates on frequencies between 8.5 and 12Hz.

Alpha waves characterize a state of calm consciousness and deep relaxation, while remaining aware of the environment and able to think.

At this rate, the two hemispheres of the brain work in perfect harmony.

Theta rhythm

It appears when brain activity slows down further and we arrive in an area that oscillates between 4.5 and 8Hz.

This rhythm corresponds to the phase of light sleep, certain states of drowsiness, hypnosis or deep meditation.

The Delta Rhythm

The last in the functioning cycle of our brain, it corresponds to the unconscious zone, very deep sleep, around 4 cycles/s. Below, we are in a coma.

Benefits and use of bowls 

Singing bowls are not tuned like most musical instruments, they have very specific acoustic properties, they vibrate naturally and easily resonate with living things.

The natural harmonics of a note are given by the multiple frequency of the fundamental, that is to say that if, for example, we press the C key of our piano, we will hear, in addition to the C, but also its harmonics, the notes that vibrate in resonance, the C of the upper octave, a G, an E...

The bowls vibrate at sound frequencies which act on our whole body, something of the order of the subtle which plays on the levels of hormones, decreases the level of cortisol (related to stress) and stimulates that of melatonin (related to relaxation) and which allow the brain to resonate quickly in alpha waves.

In a few minutes, the sound frequencies of the bowls, their spiral and multidimensional sound, their resonance with our body that they envelop, lead to deep relaxation, slow down the heart rate and blood pressure, allowing rapid access to a state of let go both physically and mentally and bring a better receptivity to the session provided, whatever it is, foot reflexology or other...

The use of bowls makes it possible to efficiently accompany any therapeutic session.

Sound therapy is also used to treat sleep and concentration disorders, it has already proven itself in coma awakening services, in psychiatry, with autistic children, with people suffering from Alzheimer's disease , etc.

Also used a lot as an accompaniment to meditation, singing bowls, in receptive people, can open up a feeling of being connected to a "big whole", sound therapy acting like a tuning fork that synchronizes us with our true nature.


“The unity of the soul of the universe lies in a musical concordance, the harmonious combination of sounds makes us aware of our own unity, of the inner order that governs us.

Music allows the human soul to enter into a harmonious relationship with the soul of the universe.

La Boèce, 12th century philosopher.


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