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Fame-Artist, mother, yoga teacher, trainer, art therapist and sound therapist, I transmit lessons from 20 years of experience and studies. Facilitator in Birth to oneself and to the world, I offer key practices so that everyone can co-create with what vibrates deep within oneself in complete freedom.

Over the course of my travels, I trained in several traditional yogas in Europe and India (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Nada Yoga, Yoga of the Egyptian Pharaohs, Tantra Yoga) with illustrious master yogis. 

Rich in these initiations, I am happy to share what allows us to be reborn from our ashes to infinity. I pass on what I have experienced and what inspires me: the transformative and healing power of the vibrational song of sound-sources, the harmonization of body and mind, the natural connection to the Elements, the dance of Being, Meditation and Intuitive Chanting. These practices proposed in my accompaniments offer the opportunity to be inspired at the heart of oneself. Everyone returns to the center of oneself to (re)connect to their inner voice, source of intuition, inspiration and co-creation.


⫸ Reveal 

Life led me to discover Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga in 2008, two disciplines from the teaching of master yogi Krishnamacharya. Guided by intuition, I agree to accompany a friend to her Iyengar Yoga class despite the symptoms of nasopharyngitis and bronchitis. This first lesson is a source of profound revelations. Over the course of the session, imperceptibly, the symptoms of the disease dissolve. Thanks to the synchronization of breathing and postures, the vital energy increases throughout the session. I find myself establishing myself with ease and fluidity in each posture and I realize towards the end of the session that these universal movements have always been present since adolescence. By granting myself a connection time every morning in order to listen to the body, I remained in certain postures such as Padangusthasana, Uttanasana, Urdhva prasarita eka padasana, without knowing Yoga, just by letting myself be guided by the intelligence of the body.

After this first yoga session, I literally immersed myself intensely in this way by studying the founding texts and practicing several hours a day in order to be able to transmit in my turn. Today my teaching comes from the cradle of yoga, rooted in Vedantic, Shinto and African traditions.

Over the course of my explorations, I had the chance to follow the teachings of master yogi including Babacar Khane and Jacques Vyera Makanjuola who trained me in pharaonic yoga, Linda Munro and Gérald Disse in Ashtanga Yoga, Trupteesh Nagaraj Hurikadale and Stéphanie Viu Kessler at Vinyasa Yoga, Shyamji Bhatnagar at Nāda Yoga, Shri Param Eswaran and Francesca Krim at Tantra Yoga.

The paths of yoga being infinite, I will always be in a deepening path in a state of openness.

⫸ Become one with the moment 


Nothing is ever acquired. The practice of yoga offers the opportunity to understand it deeply. Thus, flexibility quickly turns into resistance if one does not completely melt into what is in the moment. For example, forced stretching creates tension if we are not in tune with the moment. Being one with the moment means above all being attentive. Listening to our limits with kindness. This process of fair balance is the deep echo of resilience. Being one with the moment (melting totally with what is, what is born...) gives life/birth to the essence, gives way to the Presence. The flexibility of the body and the flexibility of the spirit facilitate the development of our true essence, this essence whose actions are no longer guided by the mind and the ego. This rebirth can be lived through experiences whose echo is this famous "Touch of Being". 


⫸ A single step from presence to resilience 


Attention, presence gives the possibility of perceiving the duality inherent in existence. From this oscillation of polarities and complementary energies, follow the evidence, that of crossing our shadows to reach our light. From these crossings springs the subtle consciousness of the absolute paradox of being.

How to unite in oneself?

To unite implies to integrate in oneself the darkness and the light, to reconcile in us this duality. Get rid of your conditioning and learn to love yourself...

This world is created on this tension between the opposites and the human being can make work of reconciliation.

Invited to transmute the opposition source of separation in order to perceive the complementarity of opposing forces. In the center of the heart resides this space of reconciliation. This space where opposites touch and harmonize. This space of resilience… which, by shedding the “i” gives birth to the “Re” then to Silence.

⫸ Initiated into the path of the heart in creation


Carrier of the medicine of the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether), I work in connection with these elements of nature through song, dance, painting and ancestral rituals in order to integrate the energies that pass through us.

Driven by a quest for harmony of body, soul and spirit since adolescence, Zando explores in depth the dimensions of the human being through Yoga, Onseido (way of sound in Japan) , Qi Gong, dance, painting, Numerology and digital resonance, astrology, Yi-King, etc.

His cross research between Yoga, cosmogony, quantum physics, psychology and philosophy led him successively to study the teachings of Patanjali, Imhotep, Mâ Ananda Moyî, BKS Iyengar, Sri K.Pattabhi Jois, Babacar Khane, Deepak Chopra, Carl Gustav Jung, Karlfried Graf Dürkheim, Jiddu Krishnamurti, etc.

⫸ Transmission as a vocation

Zando flourished from an early age thanks to the regular practice of dancing, drawing and painting. Life takes her for a time to the University of Paris 8 from 2004 to 2011, where she obtains two Masters in Arts (Master of research in Visual Arts and Master pro photography). Transmission as a vocation, it flourishes as much in the teaching of yoga, the arts as in creation since 2005.

Yoga, like art, is for her a way of life, the movement of a language, a path of transformation where she observes the "games" of body and mind, listening to the breath, junction of consciousness and energy.

From there are born various processes of healing and evolution that she transmits with passion.

Over the course of the transmission, a universe is created where various ancestral traditions dialogue. Since 2004, I have continued research in art therapy through authentic movement, Sacred Dances, gesture painting, Japanese calligraphy and the body painting of primordial symbolic signs.

the initiations to sacred ancestral dances, in particular Sufi dance, Caribbean dances (Gwoka), Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban (orixas gestures), allowed me to experience the links between spirituality and traditional dances._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Became a mother in February 2019 and trained in pre and postnatal yoga at the Bernadette De Gasquet Institute in 2018, she accompanies women, men and babies in the processes of birth and parenthood.

Thanks to the exploration of complementary practices (yoga, singing, dance, sound therapy, art therapy, astrology, numerology, Native American massage, shiatsu, lithotherapy), I am committed to being able to accompany beings towards their essence, in connection with their source vibration and inner voice so that everyone deploys their potential at their own pace and takes root in their ways. 

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