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The Sound Journey is a concert of vibratory instruments initiating a state of appeasement.

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These sound relaxation sessions combine traditional guided methods with yoga techniques designed to prepare you to take full advantage of the harmonizing and rebalancing effect of sounds.

This immersion in the harmonious melodies of singing bowls and other sound instruments brings a moment of inner calm, peace with oneself, mindfulness and meditation.

Each bowl is unique, by its size, the elements/minerals that compose it, its note, its energy and vibration signature.

Comfortably installed on a yoga mat, wrapped in a blanket with a pillow under your head if necessary, you let yourself be enveloped by waves of soothing sounds that lead you into an ocean of well-being. You become a traveler, an explorer of your interior, discovering richer regions, larger than what you think you are.


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Guided relaxation with breathing technique

Sound travel session

Guided wake-up time

Starry Sky


⫸ Deep relaxation of body and mind

⫸ Circulation of energy 

⫸ Integration of our vibrational potentials

⫸ Cellular harmonization

⫸ Strengthening of the immune system

⫸ Improved sleep quality

⫸ Reduced stress and anxiety

⫸ Hormone balancing

⫸ Decrystalisation of energetic nodes

⫸ Mental clarity and intuition

Sous l'eau

The sound baths are monthly appointments. The information is published on this site and on my Facebook page which includes the workshops and events offered.


Vsound journeys during festivals,   courses, training and yoga retreats. 

The vibrations slow down the heart and brain rate and put you in a state of deep relaxation.

Brain waves shift from an active state (beta) to a more relaxed state (alpha) or even a dreamlike state (theta).

The sounds introduced during a sound bath are an invitation to a deeper state of consciousness, an opportunity to disconnect from external stimuli and gain height from all that is happening within.

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