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IWA YOGA is the alliance of several traditional yogas (Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound) and Yoga of the Egyptian Pharaohs) and Qi Gong.

In Yoruba the word IWA designates the attitude, the practice and also refers to the essential nature of a thing or a person and to the vital force.

By harmonizing this vital and creative energy, through vibratory singing and the alliance between breathing and Yoga postures, the journey to the heart of oneself is obvious. Step by step, we are free to follow our path. 

This transformative exploration invites everyone to open up at their own pace to the dimensions of their Being. Suitable for everyone, the important thing being to practice with kindness in a process of discovery and infinite evolution. Each participant progresses at his own pace, according to his abilities and develops a quality of attention. A solid progression takes place by combining the work of the gesture and the work of the breath with the posture.

IWA Yoga is composed of series of progressive postures, giving rise to an intimate and meditative dance. This practice balances internal power, flexibility and stability. Taming your breath animates Being (body/mind). When breath and movement act in harmony, the Being blossoms in freedom. Activating your breath, in consciousness, creates this inner space. Connected to the energies of Heaven and Earth, simply BE yourself in the present moment.


Weekly Sessions 

  Friday 6 p.m. / 8 p.m. (In person).

 Monday 6 p.m. / 8 p.m. (Online).

Semi-private sessionsto be agreed together.


See the agenda or the Book tab

During this journey to the heart of the Being, the integration of asana (postures) combined with breathing techniques, a source of expansion and openness, revitalizes the body and soothes the mind. Accompanied by the vibrating sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, this synchronization of breath and movement gives rise to a meditative dance that is a source of grounding and power, balance and flexibility.
Listening, activating your inner fire, strengthening yourself, rebalancing the energy from your inner sun in order to radiate from your heart, finding your voice, feeling it vibrate within you, unleashing your creativity are all essential actions that practice makes it possible to accomplish in full consciousness. 
At each session, key elements will be transmitted in order to accompany your progress and harmonize the flow of energy by singing specific vibratory sounds and practicing postures corresponding to the main
 chakras. Over the course of a regular practice, it becomes easy to connect to the vibratory current which crosses us and to see how to welcome what is born.
This harmonization ends with a sound bath from sound therapy and instils a creative process where you feel free to develop your unlimited potential. Relaxation in śavāsana, accompanied by the sound of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and other instruments such as the Ngoni and the shamanic drum.
There is a whole new presence to oneself, listening to its vibration, to the inner and outer voice, in unison with the inspirations.
The Body (again) becomes a space source of Energy, Vibratory Resonances and Harmony. 


✨ Breathe consciously and listen to yourself.

✨ Respect your Being and your possibilities.

✨ Harmonize the energy flow in each chakra.

✨ Explore the alliance of movement and breathing.

✨ Embody all the dimensions of your Being in consciousness.

✨ Experience the components of letting go.

✨ Calm the agitation of the mind.

✨ Create space in yourself. 

✨ Deepen Grounding & Balance.

✨ Move the whole body with fluidity. 

✨ Open to yourself from the heart.

✨ Body integration of sacred geometry symbols and figures.

The body makes sense and becomes a sign.

✨ Feel your voice free in depth - Chant des Sons-Sources.

✨ Harmonize the feminine and the masculine in oneself.

✨ Connect to the 5 elements.

✨ Resonate, Vibrate, Radiate.

✨ Let your soul dance, Feel free to be.

⫸ Listening to the body, being inspired 
Yoga, the art of the Body-me-Spirit (breath) union, nourishes this deep connection between the Being and all that surrounds it. Through the practice of pranayama (expansion of energy through breathing techniques), asana (postures), we will experience several limbs/pillars of yoga such as Dharana (concentration), Ishvarapranidhana (letting go) , etc. Thanks to a pedagogy of asanas centered on the circulation of energy and creative force, the polarities are reconciled and a deep connection is experienced.
We are constantly bathed in prana, this breath or vital energy that animates everything. This force allows the heart to beat, blood circulation and cell renewal to remain active. The being gorges itself with this energy naturally via breathing, sunlight, sleep, etc. But energy imbalances can appear for many reasons.
We will see how to activate and increase this energy in a balanced way. 
Thanks to these breathing and postural practices, the energy or vital force (prana or Qi) accumulates with ease at the level of the pelvis as well as in the center of the solar plexus. From there, the energy circulates with fluidity and in a balanced way in the other parts of the body. Thus, you will learn to identify your energy imbalances and how to re-harmonize them. 
SURYANAMASKAR is a sequence of postures (flexions and extensions) synchronized with breathing. 
This meditative dance gently increases blood circulation, tones and softens all parts of the body.
Through Mindfulness of each movement, the feeling of Being fully in the present moment increases.

The alliance of asanas linked to the main chakras (center or wheel of energy) and pranayama Ujjayî will activate the energy in specific points of the body, to feel your inner and digestive fire and to use it wisely. Through regular practice, there is a rebirth. The constancy of the practice instills the power of radiation and the exploration of its potentials.

Various processes facilitate entry into a state of concentration (Dhâranâ) which allows you to gain height and observe what is going on at the mental level and gradually induce meditation (Dhyâna). 
The stage of concentrating the mind with the stopping of the breath or the fixation of the thought is obtained by Ekagrata: fixation of the thought in a single point (whether it is a point of the body, a sacred geometric form such as aYantra, aMantra, etc). 
Concentration is an essential step and induces the deliberate choice to listen to the inner space which leads to meditation (Dhyâna).

⫸ Breathe

Breathing reconciles body and mind and makes their uniqueness possible.
The breath adjusts to both body and mind, illuminating both.
Of the Prānāyāmas (Breathing Techniques) are performed at the beginning of the session and allow the vital energy (prāna) to circulate, to purify the energy channels (nadis), also called meridians.
Practiced regularly, they reduce tension and reduce stress by rebalancing the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems. 
Breathing allows you to enter into full connection with your body and let yourself be crossed by emotion with serenity. 
The mastery of breathing throughout the session channels and rebalances the flow of pranic energy at the level of the chakras.
Connecting to your breathing and feelings brings more clarity. 
The Ujjayî breath ("victorious breath"), is a particularly energizing prānāyāma which is experienced in detail during my yoga classes. Always associated withBandhas(energy locks, places of control and transformation of vital prāna energy). These muscular contractions release and control the force or vital energy (prana) produced by prānāyāma Ujjayî. This activates the internal heat of the body, helps to develop its flexibility, to purify the lungs and to improve its cardio-respiratory capacity.

When breath and movement act in harmony, the body flourishes in freedom.

⫸ Trace its connection to the stars and the Earth through the body
Throughout the sessions, we practice several variations of the salutation to the sun, the moon and the Earth. From the softest to the highest, you will progress at your own pace. A balanced and joyful practice like a moving meditation.
Particular attention is paid to body alignment, the pelvic floor and the pelvis, the seat of our vital force. 
The synchronization of breath and movement impacts both the physical body and the mind. Thanks to the full awareness of movement and gestures, the feeling of being in the present moment increases.
Connecting to your breathing, an essential component of yoga, also helps reduce parasitic thoughts and welcome your emotions with more serenity.

The cosmos, including human beings, consists of sound vibrations called nāda. Rather than matter and particles, it is the energy of sound in motion that forms the cosmos. Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) explores this moving vibration and the energetic dynamics of all bodily spaces. This spiritual art promotes inner transformation through listening and "union through sound". 
Mindfulness of body and breath opens doors to his voice. From the singing of source sounds to the exploration of sacred syllables, to perceive what vibrates in oneself. Listening to the body, place of Resonance, vibratory transmitter and receiver.
You don't need to be an experienced singer or have any prerequisites to find in your voice a tool for well-being and self-healing. The vibrations of singing clarify the energy field and activate cellular transmutations. Like a sound self-massage, the Yoga of Sound makes it possible to awaken the “sleeping” sectors of the voice and to activate their potentials with simplicity.
To make your voice vibrate is to dare to be yourself, without judgment, without wondering if you sing "well" or if your voice is beautiful, etc. Little by little, we go beyond these notions of judgment and rediscover our voice. Each voice is different and carries a unique vibration. By welcoming his voice and his singular vibration, we love ourselves as we are.
The vibratory and energetic effects of the singing voice set up an interior massage and allow the breath to develop. Slowly the voice is released. No need to know how to sing.
The important thing is the intention and the heart that we put into it. Naturally, the voices harmonize.
The vibratory force of singing facilitates the connection to Self and to others.
Attention is paid to the Harmonization of the energy centers through the mantra chanting of each Chakra.

How to find depth and power in your voice?
Your voice is precious and your timbre unique. Your voice is partly the manifestation of your energy. We have the possibility of enriching it, amplifying it, giving it openness, stability, depth... If the throat, the diaphragm or other places in the path of the voice are obstructed, tense, blocked, then the timbre will be limited in expression and amplitude.
Through certain practices, we can make our voice free and resonant. We primarily conceive of voice and singing as sound projection outward from the throat space. Which is right but only reflects part of the reality. It is essential to remember that the voice first resonates with the body. In the practice of yoga of sound, we learn to reclaim the whole body. It becomes a temple of resonance. This resonance takes on breadth and depth through the increasingly free link between the throat and the pelvis, the sacred crucible of the body where the sacrum and the Sacral Chakra are. The space of the first and second Chakra touches our foundations, the basis of our existence and creativity.
Practicing the yoga of sound allows you to feel more unity in the vertical axis. This vertical dive in itself promotes relaxation of the diaphragm and relaxation of the solar plexus. This vibratory dive in itself will highlight the resistances in various places: throat, trachea, diaphragm, solar plexus, pelvis.
These resistances are linked to habits of closure, to the veils that we implement to suffer less. Emotions sometimes remain trapped inside.
Thus, it is useful to reclaim abandoned interior territories and to know how to welcome with kindness and attention what passes through us.
This process of descent into oneself, of feeling, of interiority, is fundamental to freeing one's voice. It is also about increasing more authenticity and the ability to express one's inner truth.
Primordial stage, to feel that one recovers this sacred depth of the pelvis and to bring out the energetic power of the voice from the pelvis.
First of all, we learn to strengthen and feel the muscular movement that anchors the voice in the body through a body realignment and several axes of practice:
- Strengthen the abdominal belt
- Densify the presence in the basin
- Strengthen the pelvic floor
- Activate life force
With the participation of the body, with the supports and the breath, we give “body” to the voice. It is with the energy connected in the space of the pelvis that one experiences the full power of the voice. The ventral energy relieves the throat. The role of the throat is to accompany the vertical energy that comes from below, then to channel and direct it.

⫸ Sacred chanting of source sounds & chanting of vowels
The more we are in the initial principle of sound, the easier it is to be in touch with its origin, to make the being vibrate. When singing is the expression of sustained sounds, of vibrations, of modulation-vowels, it is more the being that expresses itself. In learning, we gradually feel his voice freeing itself, gaining momentum, density. Freeing your voice helps to free your energy, your creativity, your impulses of life...
Like a sound self-massage, this Yoga of resonance makes it possible to experience the points of support, to awaken the "dormant" sectors of the voice and to activate its potential. The vibrations of singing clarify and cleanse the energy field, help resolve rigidities and activate cellular transmutations. The voice is colored, all in depth and lightness. By their vibration, source sounds are effective in allowing the body to enter into deep resonance. 
Simple and accessible to all, Vowel Song consists of a series of 9 vowels. Each vowel is a "specialist" which vibrates in a particular zone of the body, allowing the deployment of its own space whose vibratory frequency comes to accomplish a specific work at each level of the being. Energy movements of healing, cohesion, alignment, etc. are activated.
Between each vowel, a time of silence of observation allows to feel the effects on the body, as well as the physical and psychic resonances on the conscience.

⫸ Harmonization song
This song allows you to work on several levels: mental, physical, and energetic by finding in your own voice a tool for self-healing and well-being. Therapeutic aspect of singing through the harmonization of the 7 main chakras. Exploration of breath, sounds and their vibratory resonances.
AMantrais a sound or a set of sounds constituting a sacred song, source of a high vibratory level.
When we listen to a Mantra, whether we pronounce it or sing it, our being aligns with this vibrational frequency,
which opens our field of consciousness.
Chanting a Mantra detaches us from the mind and our ego like the waves, which one after another purify the space and the body. 
An instrument of healing, the mantra gradually brings us to a place of acceptance, letting go and inner peace.

▽ Harmonization of yin and yang in the body 
The chanting of certain mantras fluidizes the yin and yang energies, balances them and harmonizes them. It is an ancient practice that acts at the cellular, hormonal and subtle levels and allows us to modify the biochemistry of our brain, in order to find the natural harmony between the body, the mind and the soul. Vibratory singing naturally makes us secrete oxytocin, the hormone of happiness. Sound vibrations penetrate our cells and bring us into tune with our essential nature. The creative verb. The vibration of the voice is intermediate between spirit and matter, between the inner world and the outer world… 
△ Find the Earth-Sky Axis 
Traditional Taoist and yogic practices encourage us to reposition ourselves in the earth-sky axis. The energy of the Earth allows us to recharge our batteries, regenerate and feed ourselves with energy from the Tan Tien, the energy recovery point in the belly. This energy is then distributed throughout the body. The link with the sky, the cosmos gives us inspiration. By its nature, the human being, intermediary between the sky and the Earth, aspires to find the energetic and vibratory exchange with the ground and the celestial dimension. It receives telluric and cosmic energies in its vertical axis, its central channel. They meet at the level of the heart, the being radiates them, diffuses them in the horizontal dimension. 
This process is activated by the singing of vibratory sounds. By relaxing the diaphragm and prolonging the breath. The sounds become deeper, with more serious, lower resonances, which connect the body to the earth: opening of the center-root, at the level of the perineum, better circulation in the legs and feet._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_
By the acute harmonic frequencies, one releases the energy upwards, creates connections with the celestial energies. Anchored to the mother-earth, connected to the Father-sky, the being breathes in its axis. When the being integrates these vibrations into his body, there is both a process of incarnation and elevation.

⫸ The Dance of Being 
This alchemical exploration is experienced in the experimentation of energy through guided then spontaneous movement.
The music comes into particular resonance with each of your chakras.
We let ourselves be guided where the body invites us to go. During an intuitive dance (eyes closed), we give ourselves time to feel, perceive, integrate the phenomena that have occurred...

⫸ Sound care through sound therapy and music therapy
Based on energy flow, this therapeutic treatment relaxes and revitalizes the being, fluidifies and rebalances energy. Deep relaxation in śavāsana, accompanied by the sound of the 7 metal singing bowls, crystal bowl and other instruments such as the Ngoni and the shamanic drum.
The paths of yoga being linked and infinite, each yogi remains on a path of deepening in a state of openness and exploration.

"The greatest journey begins with a small step– Lao Tzu

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